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I bought a top-of-the-line GE Profile micro/conv oven on November 13 and paid for it.I was told it was in stock and I would be called the next day to schedule installation.

No call. I called and salesman said he'd go back and talk to "girl" who schedules - he came back and said the installation would be "next Saturday morning - first thing." No one showed up on Saturday - call yielded nothing but excuses and lies and run around. Manager Terry, came on the line and said he was "new" - yeah sure, I'm sure he is new and therefore not responsible for screw ups and lack of customer service! He said the "girl" who schedules was not working on the weekend - now that's great customer service to not have anyone scheduling or coordinating installation on weekends!

Besides, Terry apologized for the "girl" because she's only been on the job for a week! Give me a break! Terry made up a story about how he was trying to get an outside installer to come install the item I purchased and if the installation cost any more than the $95 the WDC charges, he'd reimburse me for the difference! That's really great customer service for a solution that doesn't solve my concern or my problem of not having a workable micro/conv oven in the house.

When he said, if I don't hear from an installer today (Saturday) then I'd be called Monday - well, I knew there would be no customer service for the rest of the weekend!

- Finally on Monday afternoon, the "girl" who lied in the first place called and told me that she had called and left a message the previous week - THAT IS A LIE - and she scheduled installation for next Friday (November 25) !2 weeks and reams of lies and jacking the customer around with denials and flat out bold faced lies.



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Worst company ever.They will go out of business soon.

Just spread the word.


Customers, no business.They don't care about us; we shop somewhere else.

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