Guaranteed delivery date means nothing. Rearranged schedule to be here, couldn't deliver on date guaranteed by seller and on the receipt.

Less than fifteen minutes from my house, yet wouldn't contact any of their drivers to see if they could swing by Moorpark to pick up washer and deliver it to me in Thousand Oaks. Michelle Garcia, supervisor, couldn't care less. Unbelievable lack of concern--blamed it on the sales person.

Said delivery dates are always being changed (!?) and no such thing as a guaranteed date. Don't trust them and can only hope the washing machine isn't damaged or the wrong model, which happens often according to YELP reviews.

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There is always an excuse as to why delivery date changed.

Moorpark, California, United States #578945

We apologize for the misunderstanding you had with the sales associate on the delivery date. Warehouse Discount Center only gives approximations when scheduling deliveries; normally a four hour delivery window is given.

Delivery dates are also subject to change and the customer is notified beforehand. Again our apologies and thank you for your understanding.

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