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We purchased a refrigerator/freezer from Warehouse Discount Center, Agoura Hills, CA on Feb 18, 2008. One year later it broke-1st time needed new copressor, 2nd time it needed new evap coil and put in some Freon until new evap coil could be replaced. It stopped working a 3rd time and after much testing and delays the repairman realized not fixable-there is a leak and that is why the freon was low. This is a manufacturing defect. The leak cannot be fixed. I wrote many letters and realized the Lemon Law applied(3 times-a breakdown), but was not told about this by Kitchenaid. I had to do my own research on my extended warranty plan..

I'm baaaack! We were given a new refrigerator by Kitechenaid via Warehouse Discount Center on July 24, 2009. This one lasted 2 years;. Wow! The exact same thing-but this time I have 1 yr warranty on kitchenaid and the extended warranty with Warehouse Discount Center-whcih is Federal Warranty Service and if it is compressor,evaporator,condenser,dryer and connecting tubing you have to go through Kitchenaid!. The extended warranty through the store does not fix that'. The first time I only called my store's extended warranty and they fixed everything;. If I knew this beforehand, I might have not gotten Warehouse Discount Center's extended warranty. Now, the repairman is coming out this Thursday, June 16,2011 to see if it has a leak, but now the repairman does not think it is a compressor problem. Two repairmen thought it was a compressor so we have a compressor ordered by Kitchenaid sitting in our living room. I've been without a refrigerator since Memorial Day weekend and I would like my money returned because I do not want to go back to Warehouse Discount Center as they are incompetent. My total amount was $1,649.96. I just want my money back! I cannot believe I've gotten 2 Kitchenaid refrigerators in 3 years with the same problem. Something is wrong with this picture! I do not have freon leak/compressor Munchausen refrigerator syndrome.

I've contacted different managers at Warehouse Discount Centers and no one was willing to help me. I would have gladly give back this non-working refrigerator and spent more money to get a french door style, but they would not credit me for this non working refrigerator, so I do not ever want to deal with them again.

I am in my golden years and this is not very golden! 3b2101

Monetary Loss: $1649.

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